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RT30 World meeting 2023

World Meeting 2023 Kampen

The World Meeting. Like the Tablers in Salzburg said: a long-awaited reunion to celebrate! We are really looking forward to welcoming you to our historic Hanze-city of Kampen from Thursday June 1st till Sunday June 4th! A World Meeting that will be dominated by friendship, making new memories and all around the theme of nautical adventures, fun & fellowship!

A big shout out to Julius Media for making this awesome video!

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The legen(wait for it)dary program

Select per day to view the schedule:

> Pretour (Tuesday and Wednesday) > Thursday (welcome party) > Friday (Nations Lunch & Oceans Thirty Party) > Saturday (AGM, Partner getaway, free time, gala & party) > Sunday (Farewell RT30 friends)

Pretour (Tuesday)

Time: afternoon/evening (time t.b.a.)

Location: around Kampen (pick up t.b.a.)

Say hello to Elburg, as legendary as a unicorn in a field of horses. So dashing, it's almost as beautiful as Kampen - the diamond of the Dutch landscape. This gem is one of the many we'll be visiting using a transport system so unique, it might as well have been borrowed from a James Bond movie.

With pit-stops planned at the best spots of the IJssel Delta, prepare to be swept off your feet by the breathtaking beauty. And don't you worry, we haven't forgotten the foodies! Expect a lavish spread of delectable snacks and the finest of beers. Not to mention, a little sneak-peek at places we believe should be on your 'must-see' list. So buckle up, because we're all set to take you on a joyride you're unlikely to forget!

Pretour (Wednesday)

Time: afternoon/evening (time t.b.a.)

Location: River IJssel (pick up t.b.a.)

Hold onto your hats and fasten your life jackets, because we're setting sail on the star of Kampen - the magnificent river IJssel. Get ready for a journey that's part nature documentary and part sightseeing tour, all with a beer in hand.

From the soothing ripple of the waters to the gastronomic delights we have in store, you'll get to see the Netherlands from a perspective you've never imagined. And guess what? We're going VIP, cruising past a one-of-a-kind piece of land belonging to our very own local celebrity, Jasper Westerink. Trust us when we say, you've not seen Kampen until you've seen it from the IJssel!

Thursday June 1st: Welcome Party

Time: 17:00h (welcome), 19:00h (meal & drinks)

Location: The Four Seasons, Kampen

Here we are, standing in the heart of Kampen, at the World Meeting, feeling like the stars of a blockbuster movie! You might be a little travel-weary, maybe even a little jet-lagged. But isn't it just grand to see all these familiar faces again after such a long time?

We're thrilled to kick off this edition at the culinary hotspot, 'De Vierjaargetijden'. And where better than by the banks of our famous river, the IJssel? Time to raise our glasses, folks. Let's feast, drink and be merry, and start etching some unforgettable memories into the storybook of tonight! Cheers!

Friday June 2nd: Nations Lunch

Time: 11:00h - 14:00h

Location: The Unicorn, Kampen

Alright folks, hold onto your taste buds! If there were ever two things that screamed history louder than a town crier in the town square, it's the cigars from De Olifant and the coffee from De Eenhoorn. This Kampen hotspot is a flavor factory, and what better venue for our Nations Lunch?

Imagine this: every nation, showcasing their most unique, mouthwatering dishes and drinks, all under one historically-rich roof. It's like the United Nations, but for foodies. Prepare for a culinary journey around the world, without leaving your chair. As we say in Dutch: eetsmakelijk!

Friday June 2nd: Oceans Thirty Night

Time: 16:00h - 22:00h

Location: Koggewerf Shipyard, Kampen

Dresscode: 30’s, Peaky Blinders

Ladies and Gents, step right up and step back in time to the Koggewerf - the birthplace of Kampen's history and the ship that once made Kampen bigger than Amsterdam. Well, way back when, but we’re not splitting hairs here, we're still darn proud of it!

Right where we stand, this beautiful, unique ship was built. So raise your glasses, let your taste buds run wild, and get ready to dive into the 'Oceans Thirty' party right here at the Koggewerf. A themed shindig, you ask? Absolutely! We're paying homage to this historic location by dressing the part.

Think Peaky Blinders - so dig out those 30s outfits, suits and flapper dresses. We're about to transform this place into a rocking good time. So, buckle up buttercup, we're in for a jazzy, snazzy casino party!

Saturday June 3rd: AGM

Time: 10:00h - 13:30h

Location: Bridgewal Church, Kampen

Gentlemen, make way for the mother of all meetings, the gathering of all RT30 Tables. Hear, hear! The AGM is upon us. Mind you, don't forget the dress code or you might find the Sergeant of Arms gifting you with an unwanted surprise: penalty points.

But beyond the formalities, this gathering is all about sharing updates from all the Tables, crowning a new World President, and drumroll, please... announcing the lucky location for the next World Meeting. Being there is half the fun, missing out is unthinkable. So put on your best attire, brace yourselves for some surprises, and join us at this monumental assembly!

Saturday June 3rd: Partner getaway

Time: 10:00h - 13:30h

Location: Kamper Events, Kampen

Ladies, slip on your racing gloves and slather on the sunscreen, because you're about to embark on the ride of your lives. Get ready to explore the beauty of Kampen and its surrounding cities in a way that you'll never forget.

While the men are locked in deep thought at the AGM, you'll be cruising around, with your hair flying in the wind, savoring some culinary delights. It's going to be an unforgettable journey, full of laughter, surprises, and Instagram-worthy moments. So strap in, ladies, this is going to be one wild, delicious ride!

Saturday June 3rd: Free time

Location: City walk or climb New Tower

Phew! What an adventure so far, right? Has anyone else lost count of all the cool things we've done? Well, it's time to take a breather and let your minds cool off from all the excitement. It's 'me time' o'clock!

But if you just can't get enough (and who could blame you?), we've got a few extra options up our sleeves. Join us for a fabulous city walk through our historic center, led by a famous city guide, affectionately known as 'Wouter's mom'. Or, for the adventurous souls, scale one of Kampen's pride and joys: the Nieuwe Toren! Whichever you choose, more unforgettable experiences await!

Saturday June 3rd: Gala

Time: 18:00h - 22:30h

Location: The Upperchurch, Kampen

Welcome, dear guests, to the gala of all galas! Our world-class chefs are putting on a spread so delectable it'll make your taste buds do a happy dance, all in a venue so unique, it might as well be on another planet. And what else is on the menu? An evening brimming with camaraderie, of course!

Prepare to mix and mingle with all the Tables and 41+ of Kampen. This is the night to forge new friendships, rekindle old ones, and simply soak in the wonderful atmosphere. So, tighten up those bow ties, fluff out those gowns, and get ready for a night of pure, unadulterated joy!

Saturday June 3rd: All good things come to an end, but…

Time: 23:00h - ...

Location: Abbey 1472, Kampen

One more time, folks! One more toast to remember, one more round of hearty laughter, one more chance to share those unforgettable moments. And we're going full throttle because tonight, the roof's coming off!

We've booked a spectacular location to throw the mother of all farewell parties, taking us into the wee hours. This night is dedicated to celebrating our RT30 World Meeting in Kampen, and reliving all the magic we've shared together, all while enjoying a crisp, cold beer and grooving to the tunes of our DJ.

So, let loose, dance like nobody's watching, and savor every moment, because before you know it, this amazing journey will come to an end. But not just yet... the party's just getting started!

Sunday June 4rd: Farewell RT30 Friends

Time: 10:00h - 12:00h

Location: The Mute of Campen, Kampen

And there we have it, folks: our RT30 World Meeting in Kampen. How about that ride? We've laughed together, made unforgettable memories, and relished in each other's friendship. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

However, we've got just the send-off in mind! Why not bid adieu to Kampen over a deliciously fresh sandwich, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a comforting cup of Eenhoorn coffee? And where else but at a gorgeous location in our city center, made possible by the one and only, David Lemstra. Cheers to you, David!

But most importantly, a hearty thank you to all of you, dear friends, for making this edition truly spectacular. Until we meet again, safe travels, and keep the memories alive!

Travel info

Believe it or not, we're big enough to boast not one, but two train stations in Kampen! That's right, we're kind of a big deal. One station deposits you right into the heart of our city, conveniently named (hold onto your hats, this is a shocker): Kampen Station. From here, it's a leisurely five-minute stroll to our vibrant city center.Our second platform, Kampen Zuid Station, is just outside of Kampen. So for ease of travel, we'd recommend heading to the city center station. But hey, if you find it more convenient or faster to use Kampen Zuid, we're not ones to make your journey difficult. We'd be happy to arrange a pick-up from there!

To help you plan your journey, you might find these websites useful:

> NS: Site Dutch Railways > 9292OV: Travel platform for public & shared transport

If you have any other questions, you're always welcome to reach out to our Head of Logistics, Shiva. You can contact him on: +31621809855.

Price for the program

Full program from Thursday to Sunday: €375 per person*
Pre-tour + full program from Thursday to Sunday: To be announced*
All in (full program + stay on tall ship): €495 per person*

*Included in the price: all meals and drinks (wine, beer and soft) and activities

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Waking up on a tall ship

Only €120 per person in a 2, 3 or 4 cabin

Sleeping on the river IJssel. A moment never to be forgotten. In Kampen we are incredibly proud of many of our tall ships and that is why we offer the unique opportunity to stay on one of the tall ships during the World Meeting.

One of these ships is The Summertime. The Summertime is the only four-master in Holland, which alone makes it an impressive sight. It has several cabins for 2, 3 or 4 persons which we can offer for the amazing price of €120 per person for the whole stay (from Thursday to Sunday).

Staying in a hotel

Would you rather stay in a hotel? That's possible! Send us an e-mail with how many people you wish to come and we will try to help you with a suitable stay!

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See you all in 2023?


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